Services We Offer

Product Renewal

Our information-driven processes enable Kalektronics to effectively renew otherwise unsalable inventory. We use strict manufacturing procedures to ensure a finished product of the highest quality. The renewing process includes functionality testing, cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. Products are sorted by cosmetic grade and are therefore easily ready for resale. We use our expertise to add value to your products and achieve the highest asset recoveries.

Liquidation of Unwanted Goods

Our algorithms calculate product value based on cosmetic grading, refurbishing costs, and market conditions. This enables us to make accurate assessments of product value early and properly plan either refurbishment or liquidation of goods. Through this process, we generate optimum revenue for all goods we process.


Using smart storage analytics, we correctly store inventory for maximum utility of movement. Advanced barcoding technologies retain product data on condition, processing status, and location to ensure the highest quality finished goods.

Reverse Logistics

A vast array of relationships with key players in the transportation trade enables us to bring inventory here for inspection quickly.


We shine when it comes to outbound parcels and freight. Our shipping prowess unlocks access to markets not attainable to less experienced shippers. Customers and partners receive items well-packaged and fast. Our facilities ship out all orders to customers within 24 hours.

Omni-channel Online Resale of Goods

We’ve developed diverse remarketing channels including partners in the e-commerce/retail, parts/repair, enterprise, and export sectors. We have 14 different online marketing channels that we can push products out to instantaneously. Our strong partnerships allow us to remarket for maximum value. Predictive machine learning actively routes inventory to the highest value channel every time.


Our Mission

Kalektronics Inc. collaborates with manufacturers and retailers to intelligently transform surplus: from a burden into a liquid opportunity that drives strategic goals. We work with you to understand your specific business requirements and address all concerns to set the appropriate strategy. We understand that the life cycle of a product does not end after purchase. We enter during a critical phase of this cycle: providing you with the highest recovery on cost for product returns and overstock, while still protecting your brand. We establish long lasting partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

Our Plan

To build a custom solution based on your specific and varying needs. We offer multiple tiers of service with our level of involvement based solely on your needs. Technology drives our company which allows us to provide you with fast accurate results and solid data to assist in the decision making process.


6 Trillion

Retail Sales Last Year

600 Billion

Of Those Sales Returned

600 Billion

Of Those Sales Is Overstock

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