Unique Tailored Solutions in the reverse supply chain

Our Mission

Kalektronics LLC. collaborates with manufacturers to ensure that their surplus is intelligently transformed from a burden into a liquid opportunity that drives their strategic goals. We seek to understand your specific requirements, address your concerns, and set the appropriate strategy.

We understand that a product's life cycle does not end after purchase. We assist the secondary-market consumer in procuring access to quality, refurbished products, which plays a critical role in the product's life cycle.

Multi-Channel Solutions

Product Acquisition

We make the arrangements to retrieve the store's returned products.

Reverse Logistics

Once collected, we transport to our facility for inspection.

Inspection and Disposition

Our dedicated team efficiently and effectively tests, sorts, and grades returned products.


The team will recondition products for resale to your specifications.


Distribution and Sales

We control the flow of goods by distributing and selling your products to approved markets.

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