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Our Story

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Welcome to Kalektronics!

Founded in 2013, Kalektronics, Inc. has become a competitive leader in the wholesale supplier and consumer product refurbishing industry. Kalektronics has refurbished consumer products across many different product categories, including consumer electronics products, home appliances, tools, home improvement goods, computers, and more. Kalektronics produces refurbished goods that meet the highest possible quality standards. As a result, Kalektronics has benefited from relationships that give us access to some of the biggest brands across a multitude of industries.

Kalektronics is a family owned business committed to bringing customers the highest quality products, at the most attractive prices, with a level of customer service and commitment to our customers not seen in the industry today. We are also proud to say that we perform all of our refurbishing in the United States, to ensure the products meet the highest quality standards.

With a primary focus on supplying goods on a wholesale basis to resellers, and the strong relationships we have built with retailers and manufacturers across the country, Kalektronics Inc. has established a solid staple in the industry. As a result of building these strong relationships, Kalektronics is able to purchase large volumes of items, thus allowing us to benefit from additional savings, which we, in turn, pass on to our customers. In conjunction with the variety of wholesale products we offer, we are able to create an experience that helps fulfill our customer’s merchandise needs.

At Kalektronics, our main priority is to assist you, our customer, in finding personalized solutions at affordable prices, without sacrificing the level of service. We on the Kalektronics team, appreciate your trust in us, and we are committed to do our utmost in continuing to earn that trust.